Supply Chain Solutions

Our advanced infrastructure is built on a global scale, making us an industry leader in international logistics support, quality control, and market intelligence.

Life Cycle Management

We take a holistic approach to supply chain management, sourcing authentic IT components, implementing strict quality control and testing standards, mitigating risk, and fulfilling customer demand. As a result, we optimize development life cycles, business value and growth.

Procurement, Sourcing Hard to Find Components

At Circular Technology, we do the hard work for you. Utilizing our vast network of  suppliers from around the globe, our experts source international markets for top-quality authentic replacement parts. As a result, we can quickly source a wide range of current and hard to find components, including hard drives, processors, motherboards, and other IT peripherals.

Our commodity and supply chain experts will help you proactively plan for any component lifecycle challenges that may arise. We monitor the lifecycle and forecast procurement demand for parts nearing end-of-life preventing any potential interruption in production.

Inventory Management Solutions

A trusted partner to navigate your surplus inventory burden. With customized programs and a global footprint, Circular Technology will help turn your potential loss on end of life/excess inventory into a revenue stream.

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Circular Technology is a wholesale distributor of both refurbished and new IT hardware and finished goods.


Supply Chain Solutions

Utilizing our global network of suppliers, we efficiently source a vast array of current and obsolete IT hardware.


Asset Recovery

We maximize value recovery on retired and decommissioned assets.


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