Asset Recovery

Circular Technology provides a foundation for sustainable, eco-friendly asset strategies that maximize the return on refreshed components through the remarketing, reselling, and recycling of IT equipment.

We will manage the intricacies of your asset chain by providing your organization with an industry-certified process that’s traceable, sustainable, and most importantly, profitable.


Responsible Recycling

At Circular Technology, we strive to maintain a Zero Landfill Policy by implementing an efficient recycling process for electronic wastes and strict compliance with state and local regulations. We only partner with R2 authorized recyclers and suppliers who uphold the same environmental industry standards.

Data Center Decommission

While Maintaining strict compliance, equipment no longer required by the client is safely removed, processed, and any data bearing devices are securely sanitized. These assets are then monetized through our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services to achieve maximum value recovery.


Data Security

Either onsite or at one of our certified facilities we provide clients with secure and trusted data destruction adhering to WEEE, R2, and ISO-9001 requirements.

Enhanced Traceability

We meticulously track and itemize all assets that arrive in our facilities using proprietary software protecting them with our industry-leading security governance protocols. They are then recorded and sorted per each asset category, manufacturer, part number, serial number, and configuration (if applicable).


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Our Products

Circular Technology is a wholesale distributor of both refurbished and new IT hardware and finished goods.


Supply Chain Solutions

Utilizing our global network of suppliers, we efficiently source a vast array of current and obsolete IT hardware.


Asset Recovery

We maximize value recovery on retired and decommissioned assets.


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